The Darkness Within

It was black everything was black nothing to see nothing to hear nothing to smell, the darkness was a consumer it sucked the energy from her body little by little to strengthen itself. The dark is where the beasts live the dark is the demons home the evils of the night only roam in the dark, the darkness is coming its never going to end there is nothing you can do it well spread like a plague. the darkness does not fail it does not slow only quickens, it consumes others, it is a consumer. its power is frightening the devil hides in shame theres nothing that can be done the darkness has won the game. the dark is where the demons cry in sorrow of their lack of might, the darkness will consume them can’t even put up a fight. theres no one coming to stop it not the good not the light the dark consumes all and doesn’t fear the light. it is hopeless, give up, give in, let it win. The dark will come tonight. 

The End

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