The Darkest Horse

A poem I wrote inspired by a friend of mine, whose own sense of style and timing answered to no one.

Silent and unassuming
It appears uninterested
But its devious mind
Belies its innocent exterior.
Who would suspect
When it would strike?
How could they know
What it has been planning?
In the unlikeliest moment
In the unlikeliest circumstances
With utmost discretion
And a gentle touch,
It presents its prize
Coming forth without shame
Astounding the crowd
And revealing its game.
A hush overcomes them
Wonderment and awe
Incredulity becomes them
As none could have foreseen.
Its excellence is undeniable
A toast made in honor
Even the proudest are humbled
In light of its splendor.

Its task completed
Its obligations fulfilled
Returning to the night
A shadow, slight and chill.
No trace of its passing
Content to be apart
Yet none could ever doubt
The flame of its heart.

The End

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