Your Words Are Enough ((Dear One))Mature

I see you.

Your eyes scream murder,
wide,red and acidic-
you believe every second that I’ll leave you
that your careful,thoughtful words have little worth,
but all the while my heart wearily sighs “i love you”
pulse taking a turn for the drastic drumline.

And I know that awkward moment
when your heart and mind refuse to agree,
and your feet forget how to be feet
and you’re rooted to the ground unable to breathe,
your wounds are deep, bleeding
fast and heavy.
the ground reaches up to greet you
pulling you into its arms as you fall-

But, dear one,
I don’t hate you, I need you
come back, you’re too far
And if you run,
I know  that I should get up, walk away nurse my 
scarred heart back to good health
but if I don’t have you,
there is no plausible reason for me to go on.

The distance scares me,yes, that is true
but your presence lifts me,fills me
completes me, makes me whole.
Dear one, my heart loves you,
my soul knows you,
my mind secretly knows you’re knows me best-
your words heal me,
and yes, I do yearn for your touch:
so I'll talk to you throughout the night,
being caressed by your pixelated love: 

So don't fret for I love you, I need you,and beg you to never leave me,please.

Dear one,keeper of my heart, I can not express how your words are more than enough.

The End

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