Dream DreamsMature

They tell you to dream,
and you do,
dreaming of love and life and the future-
but you forget that nightmares are dreams too.
your mind wanders down dark hallways in abandon
buildings, wander up steps of lighthouses expecting
that you’ll be okay,
that everything will turn out alright-
Don’t Believe The LIES.
your thoughts can kill you,
haunt you for the rest of your life-
trust your instincts,
Dream dreams that won’t hunt you even after your awake,
dream dreams that will love you in pain’s wake.
Dream, when they tell you,
but don’t forget the rules-
details are important, but not important as you.
Your dreams are shadows,
the embodiment of the subconscious mind-
listen when they speak,
but beware when they lie.

The End

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