Lantern of PromisesMature

in the darkness there is a light,
a tunnel burrowed through the strife,
bated breath breathing clouds of life
in the frosty mornings,
I find myself in the empty pews
of the nighttime’s church choir
praise be to the demons inside me
they’ve made me who i am
they create my decisions from the bowels of my mind
sweep the corridors clean of filth and grime
and lay themselves down in the embroidered sheets
of my longing,
closing the doors to bad memories
and opening my heart-
the empty choir sings to me
silencing my screams reminding me
reality is the enemy of my dreams
and that darkness and death
isnt the only thing waiting for me.
i travel the shadows awaiting the kiss,
the finality of finding a way to live in bliss,
in darkness there is light,
and in light there is the dark,
so i’ll light my way with the lantern of promises.

The End

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