Alone is Never LonelyMature

I am not alone,
just forlorn,mistaken,
separated, forsaken,
misunderstood and displaced-
but if we are all alone,
are we not together in that?
my worries and troubles
mirror your own,
our hells are variations of the world
we grew up on,
the black sheep jump fence
while the rest waste away-
my fellow cows jumping over the moon:
why,oh why wont you bathe in your grace?
the moon shines for you
and the stars turn bright to light your way-
the grass pads the ground upon which you walk-
you do realize how alive the world is,
because of you?
if you are alone in the recesses of your mind,
come, rest your weary head
and stay awhile in mine;
you are here anyway,
your running feet traipsing through the corridors-
if I am alone,
i need but to just remember,
the heart knows loneliness is a lie.

The End

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