Mind the ShadowsMature

Let's travel into the shadowland;
into the dark,
where its impossible to see you hand
reaching where eyes fear to land-
where hairs raise with every step you take
and all the pressure takes your breath away.

Let's to where fear runs loose;
ravaging the dream of a blissful youth,
a life admonished within truth.
phantom hopes and shadow loves
loom over you from every side,
leaving you nowhere to hide.

Why don't we wander,
get lost in the shadow land of legacy,
where uncertainty fogs, so thick and heavy
that you taste its rancor on your tongue
savoring the tumult even once it's gone.

In the shadow play of your fantasy
where drowning is your ecstasy
and reality is illaudable,
this illiberal effigy of a branded juvenescence
faces the decrepit emblem
in the languid recesses of the mind.

The End

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