When It RainsMature

Thunder screams loud,
covering her cries,
his shadow stands tall as lightening covers the sky,
little one,why are you crying?

There’s a CLAP!
and down goes little girl-
she doesn’t know how she got here
or where “here” is
she just didn’t want to be home
couldn’t stand another night alone
sleepless,wishing someone loved her
the blow gots her seeing stars,
she knows she should be alarmed
but right now she’s just relishing the feeling
of being wrapped tight in his arms,
he’s just so big and strong
as she crawls to the door,
thinking,foolishly,that he won’t chase her
but master won’t let his cattle run astray,
she just might’ve got away,
but shepherd’s stick comes thick and falls down hard
knocking the breath from her lungs
she’s spent,head spinning,body numb,the fight all gone
and momma wonders what went wrong,
wonders where little girl got all those bruises from
wonders why little girl whimpers every time she hugs her tight
wonders why little girl wont press frail hands together,
wont whisper her ‘growing” pains away as night overwhelms day
but,thing is, little girl has forgotten how to pray,
so she sings her song, just trying to lock the memories away
“when I was younger they told me monsters only roam at night,
so I always thought they couldn’t stand sunny days,
but my sunny days have all faded away,
and I know now that my demons always meant to stay..”
they’re out from under my bed now,
but i cant get them out of my head now
they’re snapping at my heels,
hands covering my face,
fingers in my hair,
there’s a CLAP!
and little girl’s gone, dead without a trace,
but her voice sings on,
and echo i cant erase,
a radio station playing for the mentally deranged,
little girl’s dead,
gunshot to the lungs choking on blood
suffocating under the weight of the pain
but sometimes i still see her in the mirror
whenever it rains,
crying for the broken,wingless angel she became
when she failed, got lost in the game,
couldnt find a way out of disgrace
because master doesnt let whats his get away
and sometimes i still see her when it rains-
there are still times i see her when it rains.

The End

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