A Bit of ExplanationMature

Okay, so I know that if you've been reading this little collection of poems, you're probably like "what the fuck is even going on???" And the honest truth? I don't have any idea. that's encouraging right? Probably not. But that's okay!  It's not really suppose to make sense :p

The whole gist of these poems is just me kind of letting myself write about myself on a personal level. I don't know how else to explain. I just have a lot of things that I wanna get off my chest. These are most definitely cryptic, and probably confusing and you probably hate them and they just might piss you off, which is okay!  they do all of that while I'm writing it, and I'm the one who wrote them! So yea, just roll with it?  Maybe I'll write something you'll like. I don't know. But thanks for reading this far :) It means a lot. Much love, and happy reading! :)



The End

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