At Knifepoint (Version Two)Mature

Knife in hand-
skin as thin as it is sharp,
arteries cry at first touch,
oxygen streaming down my wrists,
race to the finish.
drops on the ground,
red wine from the bread of my body-
blue to red, lungs deflated,
mind and soul defeated,
slice me to pieces,
butter me up,
devour me darkness,
you are enough
pulse pounding, drums resounding
floor rushing up to greet me,
the hectic beat of my blood is driving me insane-
plant myself in a crouch,
beg the dark room to envelop me,
the only home i have left
leave me here,
all alone, don't walk in through the door,
i need the silence and the loneliness
to settle the turmoil rolling
in the pit of my stomach,
i need you to leave
so i can make it through alive.

The End

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