The Second

The Second is here,

My senses alert,

Moving Through the dark

Searching for it,

Rustling in the corner,

It makes it's move fleeing the dark,

Leaving the alley I pursue,

Rounding a corner hot on its trail,

Cold steel raking my face,

Pain clouding my mind,

Standing over me,

Pipe in hand,

I grip the blade,

Its sturdiness reassuring,

It swings aiming to end me,

Rolling now,

Out of harms way,

On my Feet,

Tackling hard,

The pipe dropping from site,

It's strength leaving the traitor,

Raising my blade,

Smiling in victory,

A sound breaking the moment,

A hole in my chest,

My blade plunges into it,

Ending the second,

tuning in pain,

The original standing there,

gun in hand,

Smile on its face,

Vision getting dark,

It walks away,

It can not end.

The End

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