The Dark Side of the Moon

Basically, its about a time I fell in love with someone, and it's how i felt about him.

I've always been the person who needed someone else,

I've been alone for most my life, sorrow was how I felt

Until that last September, you looked deep into my eyes

Then held me there and I realized you'd never leave my side.

I've alwasy wanted someone who could fill my other part

The moon still had that dark side, so empty was my heart

Until the sun's reflection lit up that dismal place

So brightly it was shining when you looked at my face.

I've always needed love to carry through my life

Those angel wings to gently heal and guard me from all strife

The whispers and caressing, softly brush away my tears

You keep the evil from me, I have nothing left to fear.

I've always been the person who needed someone else

And now I finally realize how deep love can be felt

Ever since September when you gazed into my eyes.

This love will last forever, we will never say goodbye.

The End

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