The Dark Ages of the 21st Century

I am now a demon to the world.

The common enemy you all share.

Not the source but the object of hate.

Better than to know he is not there.

Fine, I'll be your enemy, your demon.

Keep your ignorance, I'll keep my truth.

Curse me with your holy book of lies.

Tell me I'm ignorant in my youth.

But i’m different; you I deny.

I am really not interested.

You just keep me evil in your eyes.

For demons are better than angels.

Hell is accepting, heaven is not.

At least you can be yourself in hell.

Do as you're told, as you're taught.

Or you won't be welcomed by heaven.

Be the same, in body and in mind.

Intelligence is a death sentence.

You say you see but you are so blind.

To the beautiful world around you.

What you don’t see will be your downfall.

Difference makes us all amazing.

But that is not how you see them all.

To you they are animals not men.

To you they are vermin not women.

But to me you are the animal.

You’re a monster in your holy den.

The End

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