The Cycle Of Life's DeathsMature

An infant just born to the world but already taken away,
An infant born that only saw a half a day.
An infant awake for an hour or two,
An infant without a life to chose.
An infant who took a couple breaths then just gave in,
An infant who never had a chance to have its life begin.
An infant that sits in a tiny coffin with a tombstone of slate,
An infant with a tombstone that has just one date.
An infant whose life ended the day it began,
An infant whose time had already ran.

A broken little girl who died too young,
Never knowing what she would become.
A broken little girl with anger pouring into her broken veins,
Never able to escape her terrible pain.
A broken little girl that sits in a nameless grave,
Never knowing who she was always shadowed by a wave.
A broken little girl who has to stand alone,
Forever trapped in her nameless grave--nothing but skin and bone.

A young woman who died from a broken heart,
Who suffered a love that tore her apart.
A young woman who lays in her grave and cries,
Never given the chance to tell him her good-bye's.
A young woman that was to deeply hurt to care,
Because her one love broke her heart beyond repair.
A young woman who swore she would never love again,
Whose depression lead to her life's end.
A young woman who lays in her coffin unhappy and alone,
Killed by the love that she had openly shown.

An old woman who died with no one by her side,
Drowned by the tears that she had never cried.
An old woman who lied to herself and pushed everyone away,
Now that she did she wishes they would have stayed.
An old woman who's all alone never to have somebody again,
This old woman who gave up on life and just let it end.
An old woman who laid alone thinking no one cared,
Now laying in her grave she weeps suffocated by her own despair.

The End

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