The Cursed One

This is kind of an adaptation of the story of Cain and abel, i implemented some of the story into it, it should be recognizable, and then i just went along with randomness, I plan to write a sequel

A thousand footsteps I shall take,

I dare not cease

For I am burdened to never rise,

Guilty for the martyr of chosen blood.

I am akin to a leper, roaming endlessly

On trails veiled by my own reviled grain,

I Fear the eternal's wish for my demise.


He hath commanded fire to keep watch

On end with the nocturne hare's eye,

As I trek through sin's of my betrayal

And the sunken meadow of thy kin's dust

Alone and forever within this forsaken realm.


I muse within thoughts of forbidden life,

As I glance at my celestial observers,

Snickering lanterns,

A defiled parallel of earth's guiding beacons.


They say


    "Face your doom coward, you cannot walk forever,

     For surely repent by divine punishment and not cowardice,

     You must pay blood for blood, embrace the land and its judgment,

     Fear not, the master shall be most merciful,

     It is no matter however, whatever fate you choose,

     You will pay dearly,"


"Such vile demons, taunt with barbaric illusions,

  Their words echo the barriers of my being,

  Maybe it is truth,

  The past has yet to leave my bones,

  Perhaps this will never end,

  Hell has yet to greet me with its gates."


"No more shall I be made a fool,

  Dare call me a coward once I return,

  I will have revenge Mephistophelian,

  Your blood will be mine."


I collapse onto a bed of bitter crystals,

In pain I jostle within instant panic,

In angst I prostrate for mercy,


 " Forgive my treason,

    Forgive me brother,

    Have I not suffered?"


Decrepit minions above,

Keen on whispers of my fall,

Report to their master of my tears,

A fire from beneath me rages,

The bound chains begin to melt incisions,

The fated curse lives as my flesh burns


I cannot die.


The End

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