The cure for Broken Dreams

A poem that came to me this morning when I was in a brooding mood. Tell me what you think.



The world is full of broken dreams

endless rivers, ceaseless streams,

of anguished sobs and agonized screams

our sanity torn out by the seams.


We long to see the higher things

to hear the sound when Angels sing

to know for sure when the Bell Of Truth rings

and to feel the touch of soft Angel wings


Often we ride on falling stars

thinking we may go so far

Often we wander in the land of doubt

not knowing if there is a way out.


This is a fallen world is seems

full of people struggling to find a way

through the darkness of terrible dreams

Will we do it? We may, we may.


Its up to us to obtain the cure

to the disease that plagues our little world

But can anyone be entirely sure

until the plan for us is unfurled?


Humanity, I love us so,

but there are things we need to know

like how to extend a helpful hand

when another is sinking in deep quicksand.


Men hide behind masks, beneath false shells

watching as the world just goes to Hell

They wonder if they have what it takes

to save the day despite all the stakes.


Others cower beneath society's flower

Is it safe to come out?

Should there be doubt?

Do we really have any power?

Lets find out, lets find out.


The world is full of broken dreams

falling stars, relentless streams

of souls just trying to find a way

to see the light on a great new day.


Do we have what it takes to fulfill our dreams?

Despite the chaos? The endless screams?

Can we push past the madness, and see what it means?

This is the blueprint, the higher scheme, you see.


Our kinds' follies, our hopes and joys

the smallest wishes of girls and boys

All of this represents what is truly needed:

the call of duty that should be heeded


Some think chaos reigns, turmoil stays

but only because we make it that way

Our potential, inside ourselves it lies

available only for those who try

to see what has been there all along.

the secret hidden in bird's songs

the love and wisdom inside us all

the wonder hidden by a reluctant wall

What lies inside us is truly great

but some refuse to see their fate

a future of what we can always be

If we see, broken dreams don't have to be.

The End

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