the crossing

 i began the crossing with hastened steps,

in military cadence,

with steps designed with firm intent

to make this uncommon journey done.

but as I climbed higher, higher up the web of cable shadows,

higher and higher among its cathedral spires,

the weight of wonder slowly slowed me down

into first, a stroll,

and then an amble,

and, in the end, an aimless standing.

here in this higher realm,

suspended between the world I've known below

and my imagined world above,

my eyes became filled with vast horizons

much greater than my own.

the clouds, the passing clouds were nearer now,

almost touching me,

somehow kissing me,

and when i pulled into my chest that skyward air,

i breathed in their mist and loftiness.

the things of man looked smaller now,

or maybe, humbly became the true size of their reality,

making our works oh so small,

yet, also, somehow, more beautiful.

and far below upon the waters,

sailboats made their way,

they appeared as figure skaters

making graceful figures on virgin ice,

lines and circles,  gentle curves,

and the trails of sailors going home.

yes, i lingered there,

in a time of wistful longing,

there in the midst of a someday crossing,

and then,

and then,

i journeyed on,

when finally it was time.



The End

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