The Crimson Lake

A lake of blood, cursed by the gods to represent the evils of greed.

Down the naked earth it goes, 

Down the stripped and desolate earth it flows. 

A fresh wound at midnight, that tainted when touched.

A scarlet shore upon the tattered and scratched. 


The lake is full of the past's memoirs. 

The lake contrives it's very own grimoire.

A thousand shards of a shattered past, 

The great one's sigh as the last die is cast. 


Skeletons of ideas, corpses of  battle. 

Float downstream, 'till their dues are settled. 

Sorrow here, rules all the land. 

No redemption, happiness or joy to be found. 


This world was driven by insatiable lust, 

Their hunger unquenchable, and their thirst...

Their greed excelled their own great reach.

There were no "wise men" that nature could teach.


No longer do mountains stand tall and proud,

The sky is a grey, uninviting shroud. 

The woods and fields are echoing loud...

The last outburst of that gluttonous sound. 


The horse and the rider have long since past, 

Every animal, entity dwindled down to the last.

The great stories do and always will, 

Inform the children of 'morrow of this tragic tale. 


Now, atop of the lake, the spirit of the one,

Who ruled over the land, his civilization gone,

Reincarnated as a black and white swan. 

With the memories still clear of what everything was...


"Many aeons ago, before our kind knew of light,

Gallons of blood was shed in the middle of the night. 

For their greed had won their will and their souls, 

Every one of them blind, now oblivious to their goals.

Beneath the surface of the lake, 

Lies every pained and regretful mistake. 

Laid out on the faces of the victims it claimed, 

Is regret and torture and eternal disdain.

Now, this is why we must be wary to seek.

For the world could not handle another outburst of greed." 


The End

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