The Crash

Poem about a car accident that I was in during a youthful summer

The car came from nowhere followed by a bright flash

The world seemed to be spinning during that crash.

On top of the hill on a mid summer's eve,

All was still, but I couldn't leave.

I heard what seemed like voices in the distance.

My head felt a strange kind of hollowness.

I felt dazed yet strangely aware.

My body hurt and I was scared.

Worried I'd be in trouble for something

I had a rush of strange feelings.

Afraid to speak or even cry,

It felt like something was in my eye.

Just as I thought of him, he was there

My dad's face smiling as he pushed back my hair.

You're ok kiddo, he assured me.

You hit your head and it's starting to bleed.

We'll get you checked out, you wait in the car.

The ambulance is on it's way, it can't be far.

My body started to tremble and I was confused.

I didn't even notice how badly I was bruised.

A broken ankle, concusion and contusions for someone driving too fast

I spent the entire summer wearing a plaster cast.

I was just an innocent passenger without any control.

All because the other driver was drinking alchohol.








The End

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