The Cracks Crawl Through Me

Have you ever felt like you're falling through the cracks? I have many times, and this is what came out of it last time. The way it is written, with no punctuation or capital letters, is on purpose.

i stare at the sidewalk eyes
riveted to the cracks it
reminds me of a song and
the words float through my head i
feel like if i stare hard enough pay
enough attention block
everything else out then i
will slip through the cracks and
disappear and no one
would miss me or notice that
i was gone their lives would
go on and on and i'd be stuck beneath
the dirty city watching them watch
me slip through the cracks and not
do anything about it because i've always
said that no matter what i'll be ok but this
time i'm not so sure and i'm
clinging to the past moments when
everything could be fixed with
a smile and arms holding me
close and tight and oh so good but
it's not like that anymore something is
different missing and i want it
back so badly that i'm willing to
hold on and let myself die
slowly and no one knows how much i
hate what the mirror shows me it's
like that other song and everything reminds
me of songs i know my life is
lyrics and silent tears in the dark because
my feelings are a burden to others what
i feel messes with their mind so i hold
it all inside hoping that they will
ask and tell me it's ok to cry that they
won't judge and everything will be
ok better if i let it out but they don't ever
say that because everyone knows that i'll
be ok in the end i always am but this
time i'm not so sure because i can
feel the cracks crawling through me as i
stare at the sidewalk eyes riveted

The End

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