The Courtship of Winter

Something I wrote after a long walk after the blizzard that hit New England this past winter.

Black canopies drift across a midnight sky

Obscuring white stars as I walk on by,

Their bony fingers reach across my upward view,

So that the best I can do is try to peer through.

The winter's bitter cold now shakes my heart,

Her wind keeps blowing but the fingers won't part.

I can do nothing to see those ancient lights

So I'm left walking forward into Winter's blights.

 The cold makes the ground crunch, makes my breath steam.

I wish I were asleep, for its never cold in a dream.

I pull the coat close in vain, my bones begin to freeze.

I collapse backward, to be left facing the tops of those trees. 

But just as the cold begins to freeze my heart,

Those outstretched fingers decide to part.

Only for a glimpse, I see those shimmering lights,

And I remember that this is a beautiful night.

I close my eyes and force a smile too weak,

The winter holds me close and lulls me to sleep.


And when I wake in the afternoon's rays,

To the sound of the wind in the snowy haze,

I contemplate a walk, and then look outside.

I lay back in my bed and prefer to hide.

Who saved me from my fate, or was this merely chance? 

Or did Winter show me some icy romance?

But I recall, in the end of it all, that gift that I missed,

She showed me the stars and gave me winter's kiss.

So later on in the middle of the night,

I step outside and look for those lights.

She has been waiting for me; this much I can tell,

By the calm of the wind, and the sound of the bells.

The fingers have parted, the sky is clear,

Her arms hold me cold, so real and near.

We dance together down that wooded avenue,

The most elegant dance I would ever do.

I retracted myself due to a second thought,

I recalled what my dream may have taught.


By the end of it all,  I then understood.

She loved me in a way I never could.

I whispered to her of my newfound doubts,

I saw her eyes tear up, and her heart fall out.

 So with a parting kiss and a flurry of snow,

She bids me farewell in a tongue I did not know.

She buries her love and the cold becomes like a blade,

I flee to my home and as the fire is made,

As I sip my tea,I look out once more,

To the Woeful Winter who sits by the door.

I know her love may come and go,

Like a passing breeze in the New England snow,

For every walk I will take forever, I see stars

She in her love for me, moves aside all that mars.

 So her love will stay with me close at heart,

And I'll remember her every time those treetops part..

The End

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