The Coroner Will Have His Hands Full Tonight.

This is ruin
Scratched, scathed
Left for Death to take my weary soul
There is nothing rolling through my mind but your face
Confusion is squeezing my Heart

The aching.
The screams of pure anguish, as I let myself out, finally

You will never watch this decomposition again
This is when I set fire to my insides
The worst is from this side of the line.
I am entranced by this horror,
Next time, grab my hands,  tie them behind me
Don't let me take another step
Not one.

I am pouring myself into this

Insecurity blends into the mould of rage
From the very reaches of my inner soul, my screams pierce the night
Pierce this veil
I've told you all to stay away
What are you doing here?

Leaves, softly flutter through the harsh Autumn air, chilling my bones
Leaves, softly caress my cheeks

What have I done to myself?
Demanding an answer, I glance quickly down at my scars, and watch as the words form upon my skin, red slices, betraying my insides; my identity.
Ruptured, my mind is as broken as my actions. 

Slowly, they form, and my body slams upon this frozen forest ground.  

'Heart breaker.' 

The End

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