The Conversation

I had just unpacked the very last box
Before slumping on the couch and peeling off my socks
Just then, of course, the doorbell rang
Don't get it, the voice in my head sang
But when was the last time I listened to it?
I forced myself to the door, my conscience throwing a fit
There he stood, extending some flowers
I invited him in, my heart crumbling with his attractive powers
We sat on my couch and gabbed for awhile
We laughed a lot; it was impossible to stop the smile
Hours went by, and I felt like it'd been years
I felt so comfortable with him; together, I had no fears
But then the bell rang again, and I reluctantly got up
Putting down my champagne-filled cup
I opened the door and found my best friend
She congratulated me on my new home, telling me she lives just around the bend
I let her in and brought her to the den
And introduced her to my new buddy, the man of men
But she looked at me and crossed her eyes
"No one's there," she told me, thinking I was telling her lies
I looked back at the couch with a frown
He was still there, still sitting down
"What do you mean?" I asked her, confused
"Only you can see me," he whispered, unamused
I didn't understand what on earth was going on
His form shimmered in the morning light, and he was gone.

The End

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