the Constant

Everyone has a vision for the world. Here is mine.

Caressing us, the light of the world fractures in silent magnificence, illuminating the heart with truth and understanding.

Bending its rays, it nurtures and warms our cumulative consciousness.

The universe of our bodies, our endless supply of synaptic response and emotion, are a provision of vastness at our diversified fingertips.

United in grace and adoration, kin to all that is characterized by various states of animation, an empire awaits those whose spiritual selves have reached transcendency.

Broadened, heightened, deepened and collective, a vision is cast on the canvas of our mind; a palette of preternatural wonder gives it life.

A vision of love and togetherness, of infallible selflessness and unified hearts.

Hatred knows no place. Greed is forgotten. Hand in hand, our faces turn to the constant.

We are children,

     the continuum of life,

          borne of the dust of the earth,

               sons and daughters of the stars.

The End

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