The Compromised Reward of Morbidly Obese SexMature

A poem about how morbid obesity severely curtails the quality of one's daily life, including a sacred collaboration generally regarded as ensuring ultimate uncompromisable pleasure.

With Difficulty the Morbidly Obese Can and Sometimes Do Do It Too


The Compromised Reward of Morbidly Obese Sex


All those sweat-trapping rolls

of tiresome-to-wash flesh

between fat sweethearts

really slosh and slug it out

upon the mutual enablers’ squashed short-lived mattress

when they work up a fuck.



the fitted sheet and mattress pad are soaked through with sweat

and bunched into the interior of the mattress’s sunken top

as their elasticized corners have come loose

from under around the assaulted innerspring mount.

Pillow talk is delayed a long time

while the prostrate lovers recover

from their infrequent pursuit of flesh pleasure,

heaving to catch their runaway breaths,

enduring which now seems hardly to have been worth

the momentariness of orgasm.

The End

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