The Complimentary Con Man

There's a complimentary con man

Standing outside my door

Offering me fringe benefits

Hoping to make a score

He has all this knowledge

The vulnerable do not see

Inside his little bag of tricks

He calls "Complimentary"

He knows you have lost a spouse

While browsing through the adds

It's a secret he won't tell you

Because he knows it makes you sad

The Complimentary con man

Wears a multiple pocket suit

But he hides his true motives

Inside the soul of a boot

He might over free tickets to your favorite game

Or Insurance prems that won't increase

A pyramid of win fall

Or salvation really cheap

It doesn't really matter folks

which pocket he will chose

He markets a deception friend

And you are going to lose!

So when this Complimentary con man

Comes slithering across your path

Just give him your complimentary kick in the Ass!!

The End

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