The Complete and Utter Vagueness of Psychics

Does what it says on the tin

It is unfair to say that I hate all psychics and mediums. It's fair to say I hate most of them. I cannot understand why members of the general public fall for their showmanship and part with their pieces of silver but they do. So let me endeavour into their "special powers"...

To explain this properly it is best to write about personal experiences. My brother is pretty open to psychics, mediums, New Age baloney and fairies. His stance is that if I can't see it, it doesn't mean that it isn't there which is a load of rubbish. But fairies? Oh come on!

I am procrastinating. Anyway, he came home one day beaming and saying that there is prove that psychics have genuine powers. I obviously asked him how and this is what he said: "A gypsy woman came up to me and touched me on my shoulder and said, "You have a older relative who is not well but she will get better and your life will change dramatically soon."" He was convinced and bought some "lucky" heather from her.

My explanation. How vague was the psychic reading?! Anyone has an older relative and they are bound to be ill at one point if it is a common cold or a serious illness. Also psychics can predict anything about the future because...well...anything can happen. My brother was 18 at the time therefore he would have a lot of things happening to him so yes, his life will change dramatically but that's the same for anyone that age. He was then stupid enough to buy something from her. This was not genuine powers but good salesmanship and showmanship.

This may seem obvious to you but there will be those who are good at it and convincing. Psychics can give someone a reading by looking at them and decoding them from their gender, ethnicity, clothing, hair, age, religion etc. When preparing for "The Haunting of the Civic", I gave some of the cast members a "psychic reading" and out of 5 people, it worked for 4. Believe it or not, the most open person usually to these techniques worked it out. I gave all the people the same reading and they simply filled in the gaps as human beings do.

I shall give you more detail in about their fraudulent techniques during some of the next blogs but this was a nice introduction. So my people, my message to you is don't be so daft and don't fall for their utterly vague tricks.

The End

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