The Colors of the Rainbow

This is my story of how I view a rainbow

The patterns are matching...the rain is falling down.....But a sweet symbol of peace is coming around....

A rainbow is amazing for all to see, so come follow the path, and come just with me...

I can show you this day in a whole different way....the pattern is clear so just look right here..

Red is the color of love and affection but also the blood of defeat and resurection.

Orange is a vibrant color of light but also the radiant the sun so bright.

Yellow so positive beaming with love while also the flames from heaven above.

Green is the soft and calming wet grass but looks you in the eyes as sparkeling glass.

Blue is the oceans full of water but also the melting crystal ice getting hotter.

Purple is the last, the mountain's morning glory but also the end of a beautiful story.

These colors combine as they walk through the sky but keep a close watch as you're walking by

These beautiful colors so high in the sky will soon be gone faster then the blink of an eye...

The End

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