About her mirror

one oh three
two oh four
five oh five
my dearest friend
I've not seen you in two years
but we've talked every day
and now I want you to hear
what I'm going to say
because this past week
you've not been so well
you'd think the beauty that you seek
is not something you can tell
you say you don't like what you are
I say I love you and your body close
and giving in to hurt and harm will scar 
yet you give in and take your daily dose
of self-hate and underestimation
of letting what you hate get to you
when what you need is mental elevation
to see the things I see in you
now please don't flee and run away
your mind is cunning and free
yes it's true your body will decay
but you are more than beautiful to me
I would tell you not to care what others say
I would tell you to keep my words in mind
I would tell you keep on heading this way
and you will also leave me behind
but you're stubborn and you're strong
stronger than I'd ever hope to get
and even if I see you're oh so wrong
you've seen yourself and made your bet
don't change into something you can't be
into something I don't want you to be
into something I hope you'll never be
one oh three
two oh four
five oh five

The End

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