Finches can chirp like an other bird - even the blackbird i am

It's like...
Okay, it's like you're in a bathtub, right?
And you're submerged, with your head under the water.
So everything kind of seems slow and the images
are distorted everywhere. It's... sluggish.

You can see everything happening,
But time doesn't make sense anymore
And a day does not progress like it should. 

I feel as though I'm detoxing, though I haven't
had any toxic substances in my system that I know of.
But that word's really the only way I know of to describe this.

It's like I'm shedding a skin, but nothing's coming off.
It's as if I'm having a seizure, but my body doesn't move.

It's almost like something's happening to me,
but I don't know what it is and nobody else can see it,
and it shows no symptoms, only invisible signs. 

So eventually, I take a page from All The Bright Places,
And treat the Asleep as though it's quicksand - 
So I sequester myself in my closet, and just like with Finch,
Nobody asks questions and I am left to sort this out myself. 

(But sometimes, I talk.
And with every word,
Spoken or typed,
The quicksand gets
A little less greedy.)

The End

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