The Cold Ones

Tells of vampires.

The Cold Ones

By day we hide, at night we feed,

You can cut us up, we'll never bleed.

We are the walking dead,

Searching for prey to be bled.

Our hearts, they no longer beat,

We crave the taste of fresh human meat.

We are the Cold Ones, though we have many names,

Vampire and bloodsucker are one of many fames.

But no matter what we are called, it's all the same,

You'll be pulled into our little game.

The game of hunter and prey,

And so naive are they.

We slink through the night alone,

This place we rule as our home.

We are immortal, you'll never find our bones,

We've been here forever, and it shall remain,

We are the Cold Ones.

The End

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