The Cold Dreams of Summer

Just a little thing I thought up. I sort of like it...i suppose...

And the tide rolled in from the sea beyond the Cape.

Soaking my legs in a bitter chill of cold defeat.

My eyes stared out while my mind gazed in.

And the cold of the blue was contained by the heat.


Rays beating down on my burnt and blistered back,

Showed a pathway to the world I could not know.

I dreamed of a frozen life in that time on the beach.

Where dreams could be found all about like falling snow.


Collecting those dreams was as simple as reaching down.

For where I was exist now is horrid and concise. 

I longed for a world where dreams did come true,

And shined up like the sun off of a pond of ice.


I would grab hold of that dream and hoist it up.

And hold it close to my heart and into my chest.

It was not that snow, and it fell through my fingers.

And that dream dripped down just as all the rest.


But I knew later that night, there on the Cape.

That I would find my way back to my winter world.

Til then, I supposed, I could  stand here and enjoy,

The hot sun, the soft sand, and the waves as they curl.


So I welcomed the Summer and its lazy loving haze.

And would spend my time on the shore and sand.

Knowing  all too well that come Winter's eve.

My snowy dreams would fall softly in my hand. 

The End

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