The Clown at Midnight

Thrown head-strong into the 21st century
Thought he could fail at nothing.
Every person connected to every other,
Social networks with infinite nodes.
Evolution happens in an instant,
Dawkins is probably to blame.
Comedy is dead, commentary is king.
The bubble of culture has gone POP!
Infinitely expanding sub-cultures,
Interdependent, gracing each other.
The horrors of yesteryear
Are the punch lines of today.
I fear for my generation.
We will reinvent humanity or
Devour it trying.
I dissect the remains of my predecessors
I learn from their anatomy.
Am I looking for inspiration,
Or another cheap imitation?
I will slash out a wound
On the face of poetry
That I will call my own.
My smile is held together
With stitches and scars.
I’ve heard the voices of many Clowns.
We all just want to watch the world burn.
I destroyed the town of Megaton
And felt no shred of remorse.
Is this what we’ve become,
Desensitized Jokers looking
For that punch line.
Cain has killed Abel,
Pandora has opened her box.
Do you know what it means
To dance with the Devil in the pale moon light?
My past is never quite clear.
In my age I will look back on it
As multiple choice.
Heath Ledger died today,
So did Andy Kaufman.
Dodgson’s been dead for years.
Greater men than I could ever be.
And when it is my turn
To be the clown at midnight
And the joke is on me,
I will remember the parting
Words of the old Monty boys;
“Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition!”

I fear for my generation.
We will reinvent humanity or
Devour it trying.

The End

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