The Clouds

the clouds in the sky

are often puffy and white

and during the day

make a brilliant sight


but when they're angry

they'll get your attention

and the scared little children

we wont even mention


the pets run away

and the birds dont sing

silence and darkness

the storm clouds will bring


the lightening will strike

just to add to the fear

but the bang and the boom

is a story you hear


a loved one has died

a war will start

these terrible things go straight

to a clouds loving heart


they can feel your sorrow

and cant help feel the pain

and so they show it

through their endless rain


in a way they help you

and let you get it out

while they go bang

you can loudly shout


the rain can only hide

the tears on your face

and help you to return

to being of such grace


they are a symbol of heaven

they can bring terror and fear

they tell your stories

and help hide a tear

The End

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