The Clouds

My family's not normal...whenever we are having a meal we always end up talking about something odd, usually medical ideas as my cousin is a training nurse, my aunt is a drug counciler, and my brother has a degree in psychology. So this mothers day SOMEHOW me and my cousin were discussing theories for the end of the world. she told me of a volcano in America that is supposed to explode soon, the lava won't affect us in the UK but the ash is supposed to block out the sun. So it got my ever unique

"Some say the world will end in Fire

Some say in Ice".

We ignored concepts the of the unexpected

And now darkness hides our lamplight.


The world did end in fire...

They only lied by omission.

Fire did contribute,

But it was the ashes that stole our vision.


Life's last light has blown

In a spectacular graphic display.

Upon death of the light, arose the night,

As the clouds steal our day.


I was there.

It was the most beautiful apocalypse

I had ever seen

The clouds were the same.

Only these would not thin.

People ran and screamed,

Whist I watched the show begin.

The clouds were the main attraction

But the people took centre stage.

I was not phased.

By death...or if I die! death peaceful.

As I stared up at the night sky...

But there were no stars, unfortunately.


It was cold.

But I had no blanket,

Because I missed her.

I missed her warmth, her flow,

Her flickering glow.

She was to be my death,

I died flamboyant and bright.

Unlike all the rest,

I found no solace in fight.

I found my solace in control,

In power, and in choice.

I took my Lucifer from my pocket.

Applied her flame upon my skin.

And prayed to my god to preserve my place.

Because I've lived a life of sin.

Ryan Smith - 03/04/11

The End

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