My eyes now see the wanting shape of monkish form adorned with cape

and in the murk I can't escape his terror-torn tormented scowl

I hide my eyes but still can see his fingers reaching out for me

And cringe away from dark and danger from this ill-defined demented stranger

Eyes hidden deep within a cowl.


Meekly I turn but there's no haven from similar threats, as dark as raven

They grip my heart as though enslaven, as they creep and lurk in corners grey

I pray for respite from these spectres gloomily possessing their secret sectors

In my room their gaze unarming speaking of cruel intent all-harming

So that I know just who holds sway.


The shadows creep enclosing reason, swamp me like ectoplasmic treason

My eyes are closed but they hold season the phantoms running in my mind

I chant a mantra of silent soothing feeling their thoughts so disapproving

They take their comfort from my dismay and thrive on any overt display

Of dread and fear from humankind.


Then all at once the vision's fading leaving me with an all-pervading

sense that my mind was just persuading my heart to accept this state of fear

Yet deep within me are words unspoken leaving me dead inside and broken

Never again will my heart flutter no other words again to utter

Passive and mute till death draws near.

The End

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