The Clatter and its Bearer


Whilst I walked beneath skies unsighted a lamp light torch I ignited

For my heart it thrust excited, chilling the spine and suspecting eye

As I descended ever further from a distance there came murmur

For murmur fait I did follow with stealthy steps of saddened sorrow

I searched for being with no deny

A blackened veil grew ever stronger as my mind began to ponder

Of beastly beings from land of yonder under thunder and scorching sky

Slowly I crept with widened gaze among the mist and murky haze

I continued to creep and crawling nearer found the clatter and its bearer

peering afar from where I lie


There I stood my eyes now drying with the sound of mortal crying

Though from the contour of its lying did this sound seem insincere

With wretched torch now dimmed to fade I wearily wondered upon the shade

My limbs did shudder shivering soulless the eye advert from all its focus

As I approached the crying near


The sinful screams in all this sombre drew my breath far deep and longer

than anyplace I had sought to wonder in this night of darkened wallow

And with the fog so think and dreary I scarcely saw the shape crawl near me

Its crooked sharpened fifthly fingers caressed the ground and me to hinder

why this sound I thought to follow


As my ears did leak with screaming suddenly I awoke from dreaming

Thus all this terror brought me to seeming that I still lie in that locale

And as to surge my lustful loathing came tattered tearing on my clothing

But surely any dream unfeigned speaks of the fragile mind restrained?

I thought in fear from beyond my veil

Now with the drip-dripping of my brow a ghastly wind began to howl

Growling forceful upon my brow outside my wretched warping room

Whilst morning moans approached my ears my eyes did fill with fearful tears

The shadows that stand in stealthy pose now crept and crawled like sneaking foes

spreading there dark and dusky gloom

Though as I rose upon my bed The sound it ceased and foes all fled

and so relieved of all this dread how i decieved a tourturous death

though was it life I indeed retrieved or merely desires I wanted believed

the soul lies darker than that of the beast and under this moon the eyes will feast

with thorny thought comes final breath

The End

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