The Chosen Road

Actually, it's my poem for our class, it my response to "The Road not Taken" by Robert Frost
It's a bit hanging because were just allowed to write 3 stanzas

two roAds diverged by happiness and pain,

and Like you, i don't want to be the saMe.

twO roadS That i'm traveling Now,

and lEt me tell my story.

i chose the road of glAm, perfect and fame.

skinny legs, high heels and vuittons that neveR fade.

high grades, laptops, cool dresses and ipods

and you might be wondering how i knock the block.

i met a lot of people happy and opposite,

other people hurt them and make them change their selves.

but let me tell you one thing about this game,

at the end, it's not about the high heels and fame, but its all about you, being the same :)

The End

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