The Chosen One has SpokenMature

Read inside the Mind of a girl who was trapped between two forces and finally being able to speak up for herself and Stand firm.
Can you help me fight off the bad force?

The Chosen one has Spoken and the silence breaks!
No one knows the intensity behind these closed doors.
Look into ur heart and you just may find my laying somewhere in between Misery and Paradise. "Could this Really be?"
"Yes." You look confused and judged me!

Thinking my life was perfect and i had it all figured out. "But How could this be?"
"It's nothing strange it's just my life."
"I don't Understand."
"No one does but the Moral to it all is that I never lost who i was because of where i was." Meaning the situation hurted me and made me think a lot. I could've lost my mind on many occasions. Seeing the wrong doing, hearing the lies that those who didn't mean me any good TOLD.

Wanting that tear to see rushingly come down my face, but it kept it all in.
The Chosen One has Finally spoken and the slience is broken. Who knew?
Who knew that i'd be the one Chosen for a special assignment?
Living between Misery and Paradise my mind was confused and blocked of all truth. "How could this be? You seen so pure and so innocent."
Never again will i remain Silent for anyone but God, who orders my steps and has Chosen my path.

You saw me run, you saw me rush, you heard me cry, and you witnessed my fall. Now, im Successful and the world will soon be in my hands all i have to do is grab it. Speaking so loudly and so clear through my words you learn so much with the first word...Relationship!!
"But, How could this be?"
No one knows what i see, no one has experienced the joy, the energy, the feeling But ME!
Can you feel where im coming from with this? Do you fullly understand me?
Im living between the forces of gOOD AND EVIL! Sometimes my mind is being tossed and twisted, played with and hurt. Keeping focus was always hard, im on the path to Success Do you feel me?

The CHosen One Has Spoken  and the silence is broken! Never to be Silent and let someone speak for me again.
My voice shall be heard and my message will be made clear for all to Understand.
I broke the curse and made it out with nothing but Blessings!
The forces of evil are now under my feet, I live with peace and Compassion, Honestly and Kindness. Never returning to pay rent between Misery and Paradise.

The End

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