The Child's Life

I was given a prompt 'What happens when you die?'
And...this happened

The day she died was a quiet day.

Her parents around her bed, begging her to stay.

But she just smiled and kissed their cheeks

closing her eyes, listening to them speak.

You’ll go to Heaven, her mother cried

a golden winged angel will be your guide,

to fly you up to the pearly gates

And in God's arms, there will be no more hate.

The daughter smiled and tried to agree

she tried to imagine and tried to see

and afterlife with angels white

where she could live again in flight.

Maybe you'll be reincarnated

her fathers normal refrain was stated;

for the thought of her being born again

was better than the idea of her dying in pain.

The daughter wondered which was the truth;

Heaven, hell, or a new born youth?

But she didn't have to wait for long-

she slipped away to a quiet song.

As her breath left for the last time

her parents sighed, hoping she would climb

up into the sky in an angles hands

to dance and laugh in perfect lands.

An though the girl was now at peace,

her parents worry would never cease

For she now travelled an unknown road

a road that no living was ever showed.

But as the girl left the earth

she sighed in wonder at the worth

of the mystery surrounding death;

and she opened new eyes and drew a babies breath.

The End

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