The Chevalier's Words

What are the odds, oh what are they?

Pointless, so pointless it seems

Clinking piano, don't you ever silence

You sunless mind, I can hardly bare the sight

I might, oh how I might die when the tide is runnen out

If I didn't listened to the voice in the Wind


Which is your path, oh which one?

Hopeless, so hopeless it feels

Mellow melody, come forth yet again

Thy frozen finger, show some aching will

You will, oh how you will die when the tide is runnen out

If you didn't listened to the voice in the Wind


May I see the cause that led to this?

Weightless, weightless are my words

Whispering voice, do tell me a riddle

Harsch and brief are the truths I get from Him

This aged oath, has already been washed away since long

My tongue is without tone, wine from 18'th


Would you like a sword for dinner?

Patientless, I am so...

Shivering man, rising monster, see!

See what you have planted with your palm

This aged oath, I have washed away since long ago

My tongue is parted, can one trust me?


Are you done, soon enough?

Playful, I am so!

Shall I give you a more fitting title?

A frightened human, that's what you resemble

I crave an offer from you, so please work with me now

I want you to tell me everything.

The End

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