The chance factor

A cheezy poem i wrote while daydreaming about the girl sitting infront of me in chemistry class.

Sometimes I wanna say

what I think she wants to say

take that chance for instance

yet I am not sure


Does she feel the way i feel

can my daydreams be for real

maybe it can

if I took that chance for instance


Say I wanna be with you

you and only you

make you my boo

or who knows

maybe more

maybe i can bewife

the love of my life

if i took that chance for instance


You know my name but i never learned yours

but i know every contour of your face

a face that makes my heart change pace

i know what makes you smile

and what makes you frown

my queen worthy of any crown


Empress,Princess,Fair Maiden

i'll give it all for your kiss

that silent bliss of a very first kiss

maybe it is possible

if i took that chance for instance


The End

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