The Carnival For Sorry Kids

is an unhappy place for children

The Carnival for Sorry Kids

is an unrepentant place

where loud and brash

who don't take out trash

are bought for the highest bids


Annie, she's a bearded lady

with marker on her face

she has to growl

and sometimes howl!

and clean up her own waste


Andrew tames the lions

with a small whip and a stool

he has to dance

and outright prance

to stay out of wayward drool


Margy trained an elephant

by stepping on its toes

it's trunk said "Zrooooooo"

and Margie flew

to where, nobody knows


Peter's the fortune teller

wherein he lights a match

and tells folks clues

of their future trues

and has to steal their watch


Rose is on the trapeze

about as high as she can get

she tries not to fall

or well, that'd be all,

There is no safety net


You'd better do your dishes

and your homework every night

or else you'll be tossed

alongside the Lost

Carnival of Sorry Sights




The End

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