The Canyon Of My Heart

5000 miles away. In a canyon. Someone changed my perspective on alot of my personal views. For that I am enternally grateful.

Passion fizzed and frothed,

Contentness clicked,

Different worlds crammed and compressed into time,

We sat there watching stars,

Never ever thinking of time which passed us by,

We sniffed at the night,

Crisp cotton smothered me,

The coolness licked at all origins,

A smiley pressed into my thigh,

A thrill seeker me, I didn't mind.

The car swerved through midnight bark,

I hollered and yelled never before had I felt so free,

Blonde hair swinging out behind me.

Giggles, croaks, highs,

That long stretch of the yonder time,

A lock unfastened and reopened my future,

You fixed me,

You refreshed me,

You discovered the true me,

And now you left me,

You whisper encouragingly

"Deal with this, come back when you are ready."

I plunged into that pool like an imploding bomb and yet ever patient you baptised me.

Just one more shot, one more shot,

I give you gratitude for even granting it.


The End

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