The Candy Man

I bet you didn't know Willy Wonka had fan-fiction written about him... :)

Skin like frosted velvet,
Red lips, plummy, sweet,
His eyes are made of chocolate,
As are his hands and feet.

The taste of him is sugar,
The smell of him is cream.
He wears leather gloves and leather shoes,
And trousers without seams.

His jacket, soft and fitted
To his skin it almost melts;
And although it looks like velvet,
It’s just rhubarb-coloured felt.

His paisley shirts are silken
Like the waterfall of hair,
Which, though best when long and lovely,
Stops just short of there.

His smile—

His smile contains the secrets,
Men of twice his age don’t know—
The cruel-tipped lips above his skin
Are scarlet red ‘gainst snow.

But most of all, his voice
In a whisper-volume screams…

‘We are the music-makers,
The dreamers of all dreams.’

The End

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