The Call

A poem about voices from the void. No, I don't quite understand it either, but you find it spooky, yes? :)

From the knowing depths of darkness

Comes the soft insistent Call

A voice both loved and hated

Inviting meek ones to its thrall.


What is yet shouldn't be

Knows and feels with twisted glee

Dwells in darkness, yet craves light

And corrodes our will to fight.


Through an opening barrier

Chaos longs to be a part

Of our feelings and our choices

Chaos longs to get a start.

It tells you to come close

And to come and stay and dream

While it sounds the silent soul-scream

And shows you skeletons that gleam.

Abysses filled yet cold and empty

That we’ve never seen before

Beckon sweetly and insistently

Resonating through our cores.

Through distant primal minds

Sounds that deep and haunting Call

That seeps inside and grinds

Goading sanity to fall.


False promises abound.

Our inner child it surrounds,

Smoothing hackles, savage bones.

Creating thoughts that aren’t our own.


We are told we won’t be hurt

But do not listen to the Call

For in your heart it yearns to crawl.

Do not listen to the lullaby

That warm and wheedling lie

Resist the crooning forces

Before they suck you dry.






The End

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