The Caged Bird

For My Granddad. May You Rest In Peace.

Don't go.
I'm too selfish
For you to leave.

Time is not kind,
It tugs at you;
It beckons you away.

Time has already stolen from us.
Almost a decade.
We return to find
You are not the same,
And yet you are.

Your skin no longer fits you,
Your flesh is tainted beyond repair,
Your interior drowns in toxins;
It seeps through every wall,
Slowly climbing to corrupt your mind.

The years have chipped away,
Small pieces missing here and there;
Like a caged bird, you can still sing,
And you will sing,
But only when you need to.

My last memories of you,
You were strong and bold.
The hourglass has made you frail,
I dare only embrace you tentatively, softly,
Lest you crumble at my very touch.

Your pain is evident;
Exhaustion overwhelms you,
Your face strains with effort.
I see your flame dwindling,
Yet still you cling to the embers.

I wish you peace.
Be it ethereal existence,
Or a blank nothingness.
There will be no more to suffer.
You will be free from your cage.

Please go.
I'm too selfish
For you to stay.

The End

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