The Burley Swell

In dedication to the jolly ol' sailing family...

Winds did scud against the hull

To flash of lightning and storm propel

Here where the seas did dance and roll

Carried on me dear Burley Swell


From the wail of premonitory gale

Did cry good lad Johnny Bell

Pull the sheets! Let down main sail!

Carried on ma dear Burley Swell


Even the most hardy of a fellow

In the flurry would cry for hell

The wall of livid cloud would sallow

Yet still carried on dear Burley Swell


And in the torrent good captain stood

So all the crew's fear was quelled 

And shouting abaft the mainmast wood

So carried on dear Burley Swell


The sailors chant did rise over clear

The tumultuous tempest spell

Of the sea they all called to revere 

And spare my dear Burley Swell


Now dear captain bellowed strong

For the rain and wind his voice impelled 

To my command the sea belongs!

Carry on me dear Burley Swell!


Soon the horizon shone golden light

And the storm did cease its yell

Silver sails billowed out like kites 

And so carried on dear Burley Swell


Still the hearts of men were high and loud

For the song carried on soft as knell

That to the captain the storm had bowed

And she carried on, dear Burley Swell!


Now the haunts of the sea drifted by

And legends ebbed to live in shells

But still her masts tower to the sky 

And so carries on me dear Burley Swell


The End

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