Summer Rain

The Rain fell from the sun down onto the sidewalks where I walked alone in that cold late summers night. I knew I had other places to go such as being at a party where people meet and too where boy meets girl and be there until the party ends all because it was getting very late in the hours past midnight will always then decide what will happen afterwards after the party ends. But I believe what ever that I do is not needed at all cause any of these are true luck that happens to me.

The rain falls on down on me and I enter into her house because she called me on the phone, Just asking for me to see her, so I walk on into her place. We, meet then sat on down, talked about how about of do you remember the time when we would of first met? And do you remember the time when I first called you and you called me? Others were of do you remember the time when I first took you to the dance, and do you remember the time when I first kissed you like out of nowhere? And then do you remember the time when you first finally liked me for the first time?

We talked like this for almost close of an hour what it may have seemed to be to most people but to me, life was going on by like in the way that I would like it to go on by me. For once in my life I feel that I finally have found some one who possibly needs me. And that makes me now feel so glad in that I will not become forgotten in this tightly knitted small and tiny world after all, and there’s hope in that I can keep on passing down my family name to the next generation to the next generation and so on and so on afterwards into the far after future after when both of she and I leave this world we will live on dancing in the sky then ever after when we become too old in this small tiny world.

She always takes me places that I usually do not ever see and for the first time I feel loved. The day I first met her was during when I first was walking down the hallway at school late in the day after school when the sky was black and I mean blacker than Black in so what it had seemed in my memory as that faithfully was my life turned around for the best, But if I have not found that day, and not been able to look up from the floor to look to her I assure that the future of myself as I write these stories and poems, I would have become very dark and very bleak sounding but that isn’t the case as I have to thank god that I have found her that day because before hand I had always felt like only a small little tiny number in this world where everyone becomes quickly forgotten about and too how to love another person ever again was at the time a distanced long forgotten memory. I felt as like a total nobody, as nothing else at my time of need. Before, I met her I didn’t trust her, but she turned my life around in a total transformation of life by flipping me a total 360 degrees, all away around when I saw her and met her.

I felt like I was floating across the floor when I walking across the hallway floor I knew I did not want to be turning around ever looking back to my past now, I did not want to do that. My heart of mine beats louder and faster inside of me unable to now hear my heart inside my head thumped louder, as noisy booms repeated from the heart now able to be heard inside my head. I become more concentrated to talk now, and too telling myself more than once, telling myself to play this good and she will hopefully like you and hopefully you will this time will be able to have a girl this time to spend the rest of your life time during this summer time season and hopefully for other special occasions after the summer ends because other seasons before hand were always just been, very boring and dull to me, and I am now next to her now in hallway and now she looks to me in this grey after school hallway.

She looks to me with those very curious eyes and asked me for my name, and I told her my name, and then asked for her name and she did tell me her name to me, and I then asked her about what was she doing tonight, and she looks outside and walks outside telling me to just follow her, and tells me “You will see then what I will be doing tonight.” I get into the car and she takes me to places that never been before such as she takes me to a place like to a Ice cream place on side of the road and eat we ate from the cone filled past the top of the cone and then she took me to another place that I have never seen or herd of before as it was a underground band in the basement of a small bar in the small city where she live or resides at and the band was good. I for once liked this bands music or I guess why I kind of liked the band was all because I have finally found someone in my lifetime or in whole entire life who I likes me. I go into her apartment and talk about after plans when the summer ended, talked about things that made us both laugh, what things did we do after school, and then talked for a more than a half hour or close to a hour about, Do you remember the time when, we did this or that and so on. But then the alarm and the lights came on in my bedroom and I say to myself “Was that only just a dream?” I then go school after getting washed up for the new day of school to give away another day of our lives’ away to learning, and I realized that was not a dream after all.


The End

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