Should you of not done that

“You should have of not done that” she says immediately to me with out showing any sympathy of thoughts and my feelings for me. I look to you with a cocked eyed expression to you wandering what I could of I have done, I wander, I am confused to what is going on what is going on around here you have to tell me why you told me “should have of not done that?” What could of I have done to you, I am confused, and I am in shock of what you just said to me why did you have to say that? Why? I ask why please?

“What could of I have done?” I then tell her twice to her “what could of you and I have done for you to say that?” She told her that and she just shrugs her shoulders, and all she says to me is “I’m sorry and I do not know what could have made me say that to you. Babe I did not mean it babe could you forgive and accept this apology?” I was at the time very young did not understand what anything was and what anything could do to me which it is all apart of a lifelong experience always in progress or how life works in the life of mine and everyone else’s lives’ in the very young years.

I replied back to her, then since I was still very young, and still learning of how something like such as love and compassion works and other thing in that same general area. “You should have not done that” I said “but I accept that apology you made all because I just love you always, I’ll always love you.” I said that because I was still very young and still in a learning experience in that thing called love.

We take a stroll down the Park Avenue, late at the time of midnight underneath the full moon. Our hands are connected like wires tightly connected into a plug-in into a television set and that is as perfect as I can call it to believe to think that this could ever, could get, at this time in my young time, and how I still remember when I was very young was like that the times of yesterday. And I was able to do anything that I felt like with out straining out myself out beyond any type of repair and to become broken or shattered beyond without any types of repair at all available times to me, as I remember those days all still very clearly, and deeply only in the back of my mind.

You should of not done that, or like you should of not have said that to me, at me at that time. But what do I care at all because you’re commanding me to do things that were at once impossible for me to do by myself which I would have to do with someone else instead. At the time everything was too hard cause I couldn’t get along with any type of people as they all are so very hard to get along with when I growing up at this time. I am so happy any ways now that you have taught me in so many ways that at once at one time I was at the time very young and was then still learning about things that I could have not understand but I now say I do now understand this or I mean the girls mind officially now.

Let’s see how long that lasts if I have understood how they now work because what they would say to someone is always is lies because they always do tell the truth. I never understood that ever at all before then, until I saw her again and I have been finally been learning about the words that she had said was like a shot to my mind to my head that would have then broke all things of what ever I did think, and I knew down inside me, left me asking myself, “Why did you have to say that then? Cause you did not mean to say those things to me before? Before you had to leave and sail away from me. You should of not said that, like I said you told me was to go away and I have do what ever you says all because I liked you that is all, So I walk alone down the empty streets of the country side, of the outsides of the big city and I walk alone all because I love you and because all the things that you should have not said.”

The End

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